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Texas Orthopaedic PAC

TOPAC: Our Voice in the State’s Political Process

TOPAC ensures that orthopaedic surgeons have a strong voice in the state’s elections.  It allows orthopaedic surgeons to tell our story to political candidates about the impact of policy issues on care or Texas patients.  Without TOPAC, our opponents would take advantage of our absence and define musculoskeletal issues by using their own terms.

Please join us today by supporting TOPAC by check or credit card.  Please note that TOPAC can not accept corporate donations – only contributions from individuals or unincorporated partnerships (no “inc.” after the name).

Donate today to the Texas Orthopaedic PAC (TOPAC)!
Donate $500 or more today!
Medicine needs a strong voice! You can help!
Contributions may be made by credit card or check.
Contributions are not tax deductible.

For credit card donations, please click on the Donate button.


Checks from professional associations are acceptable.
If you would like to send a check,
make your check payable to “TOPAC” and please mail it to:

Texas Orthopaedic PAC
401 W. 15th Street #820
Austin, Texas 78701

Thank you for your support! Your participation ensures that
your voice continues to be heard in Austin!

Eligible Contributors:
Subject to applicable law, contributions to the PAC may be accepted from members and employees of the Texas Orthopaedic Association.

Prohibited Contributions:
The following restrictions apply to all contributions received by the Committee:

a. No contribution will be accepted from:

  1. any corporation;
  2. any labor organization; or
  3. any other entity which is prohibited from making contributions or expenditures in connection with Texas state or local elections;


Thank You to our 2021 TOPAC Contributors!

TOPAC Circle of Champions

Southwest Orthopedic Group, LLP


$1,000+ TOPAC Donors

Adam J. Bruggeman, MD Karl E. Rathjen, MD


$500 TOPAC Donors

Jeffrey E Budoff, MD Stephen I Esses, MD Andrew A. Indresano, MD
Fred G. Corley, MD Gerard T Gabel, MD Michael G Kaldis, MD
J. Cuyler Dear, MD Gerald Q. Greenfield, MD Scott T Orth, MD
Stephen De Young, MD Omer A Ilahi, MD Eugene F Stautberg, MD
Kyle F Dickson, MD    


TOPAC Donors

Kevin R. Myers, MD



Thank You to our 2020 TOPAC Contributors!

TOPAC Circle of Champions

Southwest Orthopedic Group, LLP


$1,000 TOPAC Donors

Adam J. Bruggeman, MD
Craig C. Callewart, MD
Richard F. McKay, MD
K. Kip Owen, MD
Karl E. Rathjen, MD
Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio


$500 TOPAC Donors

James K. Baker, MD John T. Gill, MD Jay D. Pond, MD
Jeffrey E. Budoff, MD Shawn A. Hayden, MD R. Mills Roberts, MD
Fred G. Corley, MD John W. Hinchey, MD Jose E. Rodriguez, MD
Stephen De Young, MD Omer A. Ilahi, MD Michael D. Sander, MD
Kyle F. Dickson, MD Kourosh Jafarnia, MD Eugene F. Stautberg, MD
John P. Duggan, Jr, MD Michael G. Kaldis, MD Lorence W. Trick, MD
John S. Early, MD Kenneth B. Mathis, MD Luis H. Urrea II, MD
Stephen I. Esses, MD Wade P. McAlister, MD Robert E. Urrea, MD
Gerard T. Gabel, MD Scott T. Orth, MD  


TOPAC Donors

Frank L. Barnes, II, MD Gerald Q. Greenfield Jr, MD Lake Pointe Orthopaedics
Terry J. Beal, MD Maureen A. Finnegan, MD W. Gage Liesman, MD
Kevin R. Crawford, MD Jerry S. Grimes, MD Wade P. McAlister, MD
Gerald F. Dreher, MD Jordan Handcox, MD William F. Tucker, MD
David W. Edelstein, MD Rebel R. Huffman, MD  Daniel C. Valdez, MD
Henry B. Ellis, MD Robert L. Jones, MD  


Board of Directors

Luis H Urrea II, MD – Chair
John S. Early, MD
John W. Hinchey, MD